Senin, 28 Juni 2010

Blackjack tournaments: online vs real world

The popularity of blackjack tournaments is constantly increasing and it's no big surprise that many online casinos offer more tournaments with larger prizes on a regular basis. And by "regular basis" we mean the possibility to take part in an online tournament virtually at any time of the day. However, you have to understand that there are substantial differences between online and land based tournaments, and knowing these differences is very important for any blackjack player

Minggu, 27 Juni 2010

The slots operators are threatening to sue

Just as we all used to follow the form of horses - think the Great Depression and the success of Seabiscuit to see we all love a champion - the latest form book covers the race among US states to balance their budgets. Of course, everyone has been focussing on California with Arnold Schwarzenegger leading the charge to the winning post on getting the budget signed into law. He has enough strength for arm twisting and 'gator wrassling to bulldoze the bill through. But Pennsylvania is just as interesting with the Governor's office matching California's use of IOUs by refusing to pay funds to the four state universities. Probably someone somewhere is running a book on which US state will be the first to declare itself bankrupt. These would be the front runners among an alarming number of states lacking initial prudence and the political will to raise taxes, to cut spending, or both.

Rabu, 23 Juni 2010

Play online slots and watch your winnings roll in

Looking round the US right now is a bit like Alice in Wonderland (but not the big-earning version by Tim Burton which looks to beat the one billion mark in takings worldwide). There's a lot of unreality around and it all goes back to one of these pesky idioms, "Trying to get blood from a stone". Let's take it step by step. In the world of boxing, you introduce the fighters according to their corners. So, in the blue corner, you have the lefty socialist liberals and they all want to keep the entitlement spending without increasing taxes. While in the red corner, you have all those Tea Party members who want to do away with government and all its spending on little things like defense and the infrastructure that delivers electricity, drinking water and so on. Oh, and they don't want to raise taxes either. In fact, abolishing big government means no IRS. So, whoever you ask, they all agree it's impossible to raise taxes ("starve the beast" as the GOP puts it) but, without more money coming from somewhere, it will be impossible to balance the budget. Does balancing the budget matter? Well, ask Greece whether they should balance their budget. Once the riots die down, you may have an answer. In the meantime, the world's lenders think Greece will default on its debts. In ten years time, without action from the US government (big or small), the same fear may affect the US power to borrow.

Casino games and certificates of fairness

If you walk into a real-world casino in the US, you can be reasonably sure the games are fair. Each state runs oversight of the casinos' operations and, so far as it can, ensures we all have a reasonable chance of winning. Put another way, real-world casinos have a claim to be transparent. Unfortunately, the same cannot be said about the online gambling world. Most of the virtual casinos are based in countries interested only in taking the licence fees. This produces a real lack of transparency so that, even when there are legitimate complaints made and the regulators "investigate", there's little to explain what the investigators actually do and how aggressively they enforce control over the casinos in their countries. It's all about killing the goose laying the golden jackpots. If the regulators are an effective police force, the casinos will move their virtual operations elsewhere and the state treasury loses out.